V4-MP Another Step Forward

This is the highly advanced version of the Piaggio Multimedia Platform which transforms your smartphone into a semi-professional instrument with exceptional information capabilities. Everyone knows that the Piaggio Multimedia Platform is the innovative multimedia platform offered exclusively by the Piaggio Group which allows you to connect your vehicle to your smartphone and consequently to the web.

With this exceptional application your smartphone becomes an actual sophisticated on board multifunctional computer and the link between the vehicle and the Internet. This is a window to the future which lays the foundation for a new way of looking at communication on two wheels.


Active Electronic Setup

This is as close as you can get to the “corner-by-corner” electronic management used in racing. Using the GPS feature of your smartphone, the system recognizes the position of the bike at any given time on the track and automatically changes the electronic adjustments (traction control and anti-wheelie), based on the settings the rider has selected, corner by corner.

This allows you to increase safety and effectiveness on the track, adjusting the control parameters at every point on the circuit and without distractions.

Adaptive Race Assistant

This feature provides tips in real time to safely take the best advantage of your RSV4. The application compares rider performance to the best lap on the track in real time and assists by immediately indicating how to gradually improve performance.

Advanced Telemetry Dashboard

This is a “virtual” dashboard that allows you to use your smartphone display to see, in addition to all the information normally on the standard instrument cluster, numerous other parameters acquired from the bike telemetry such as, for example: instant power sent to the driveshaft; instant torque sent to the driveshaft; percentage of available powerdrive to the rear wheel; rear wheel slippage; longitudinal and lateral acceleration (G-G diagram); lean angle.

Telemetry Arrives

Thanks V4-MP, Aprilia has fine tuned a further development of this fascinating system so that communication between the bike and smartphone now becomes active: from your smartphone you can change the settings on your RSV4, as well as receive tips in real time on how to improve your performance on the track in complete safety.